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 It is impossible to heal while we are in denial or holding on to misconceptions. Only truth can set one's mind, body, and soul free. Interestingly, the body can not lie and the mind never stops striving to find logical conclusions. The key to a healthy mind and body is aligning and grounding them in truth and acceptance so that they are no longer restless...."letting go" of false beliefs and embracing things as they truly are. 

Following my day of healing, I was in disbelief and told no one about it for a week. Friends and family saw that I was a new person but, like me, thought I was just experiencing a good run. Adrenaline rushes were common with my disorder and I experienced them too many times to count. This feeling was clearly different. What could not be seen from the outside by others was the profound difference I was experiencing on the inside. My "systems" were functioning perfectly and I felt "Balanced". The chronic fatigue was gone and my energy was steady rather than up and down. I give 100% of the glory to God  for allowing this healing and knew at that moment I could not possibly be alone... so I began to do research on what had happened to me on a physiological/scientific level. I now call these findings "Modalities" or "modes" of healing. There are endless modalities and they resonate differently on an individual bases, but I believe at this point in my research that they all provide a form of "reset" for the autonomic system and thus regulate the "fight, flight, fawn, and freeze" response allowing the body to be predominantly in the "Rest, digest, restore" state. Doing this gradually and naturally, not forcefully, is of paramount importance so not to cause more unnecessary stress or "trauma" to an already over stressed mind and body. There is also a need for the logical mind to reset some of it's preconceived notions, presumptions, and perceptions.


As specialists on the autonomic nervous system attest, "Slow gentle nudges" are the safest course of action. That is why I believe Chi Gong and Tai Chi to be the supreme modalities - they beautifully incorporate all that is needed. Naturally occurring forms of Autonomic reset take place all of the time in functions such as the aforementioned sleep cycle and with things as common as physical intimacy. If we can simply become better listeners, viewing our sensations as our body's means of communication instead of noise we wish to silence at all cost, I believe the mind and body can re-balance and heal itself when provided the right conditions- the same way you heal after receiving a cut. The deeper the cut the longer it will take, and the bigger the scare. Speaking of scares, do not be overwhelmed with them. The body adapts and compensates in remarkable ways! Focus on what CAN be restored and be gracious to yourself.  

What Author and psychiatrist Scott Peck calls "The Truth Game or The Honesty Game where the goal is to help patients confront lies"

The Wim Hof Method

Essential Oils and ©ATT

I took a training course on "Aroma Touch Therapy" and received a certification after experiencing this modality and seeing its effect on others. Essential oils, done properly, are a great tool in reminding the body to be well. ATT's target the Vagus nerve and thus help regulate the ANS.

Rolfing®, Massage, Acupuncture/Pressure, Bone Setting, and Chiropractic 

I lumped these together due to the nature of a specialist doing structural and tissue manipulations rather than performing/learning self applications.  

Yoga Practice

This is a vast subject and practice. Like Tai Chi, modern day Yoga is riddled with many misconceptions and deviations. Finding the right teacher that resonates with your goals and values is key. 

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